Charging Station

In recent years, with strong power electronic technology and digital control technology as the foundation, Tirex Transmission enters to the field of electric vehicle charging, specialized in the development and design of the electric vehicle charging infrastructure, intelligent charging cloud platform, mobile APP, formed a complete variety and compatible with high degrees of charging series products, provided a full range of system solutions for electric vehicle charging, detection and maintenance, and participated in a number of national international EV Summits and exhibition leading level and representative industry development EV station system design, product supply, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance.Currently new energy EV charging product include DC charging station, AC Charging Station, Split Charging system, On-board Charger, Charging Module, New Energy Integrated Charging Station.

EV Charging Solution

Integration of new energy charging station is a breakthrough in creative response to this situation.Adopting modular, standardized design concept, according to user requirements to achieve dynamic growth, which can realize the priority use of new energy, at the same time can also be in through diversified income channels in the absence of any car. We provide charger with good flexibility, high integration, enabling fast and flexible deployment, and is a standard,integrated charging station.

We have developed from a family owned and operated company to a trusted industry leader by working as a partner with each client. A long list of clients already knows that we are their industrial electrical ally and they can count on us for everything from routine maintenance to emergency services, facility upgrades by top-to-bottom efficiency analysis.

System Features

  1. Green renewable energy
  2. Modularized, standardized structure of energy storage lithium battery cabinet and bidirectional energy storage device.
  3. To realize the grid load shifting and Priority to the use of new energy sources, rational allocationof resources, optimize the return on investment ratio through the energy storage device.
  4. one pile multi terminal structure
  5. Small volume
  6. High efficiency
  7. Safety measures are equipped within the station
  8. Intelligent interactive cloud platform
  9. Standardized, scale