• EVDS series charging pile is an intelligent integrated DC charging pile system promoted by SCU to meet market demands. It adopts advanced modular design concept and cutting-edge electronic circuit technology. It consists of human-computer interaction unit, controlling unit, charging module unit, measurement unit and safety protection unit. Thereinto, the three-phase active power factor calibration technology and DC-DC conversion technology of the charging module adopt full digital DSP control technology. The DC-DC power circuit uses tri-level series resonance soft switch technology, the efficiency of which can reach 300KHz, with high reliability, high availability, high maintainability and high efficiency.


  • Wide range of AC output voltage, high suitability of utility grid, three phase three wire input without null line in the rectifier unit.
  • Has the function of protocol self-recognition, can realize the charging for electric vehicles without limitation of brand.
  • Compatible with coaches and cars charging function.
  • One pile can charge multiple vehicles, and take turns to charge automatically by applying automatic switch function between charging according to the charging power and according to time. It can automatically judge whether the battery is full, one charging pile can meet at least five vehicles charging service task one night.
  • Emergency protection and alarming function, including over voltage, under voltage, over current, over temperature, phase missing, output short-circuit, leakage protection and so on.
  • Charging protection function, the charging process will suspend immediately when BMS communication faults, disconnection, over temperature and over voltage occur.
  • Emergency stop function, the charging process can be suspended immediately by emergency stop switch.
  • Has multiple communication interface such as CAN、RS485/ RS232、Ethernet, 3G wireless networks, which can achieve communication among AC input unit, charging module and DC charging terminal interface, obtain electric vehicle battery system parameters and battery operation parameters during charging process.
  • Has insulation monitoring function, automatically turns off the output to ensure safe charging when insulation level is low.
  • High efficiency, high reliability, ultralow radiation, fast maintenance, flexible capacity expansion, energy efficiency and environmental protection.
  • High adaptability of temperature range, has isolated heat dissipation air ducts. Power heat dispassion is separated from control circuit to ensure dust-free of control circuit.
  • Metal closed shell, to prevent from fire.


  • Off-board fast DC charging machine such as electric cars, taxis, engineering vehicles and coaches.

Small size , easy to carry around.With castor, move the station close to car and then charge.Apply to emergency charging.


Mobile DC charging station.


Mobile DC Station EVDS-100A15M EVDS-100A20C

System Capacity 20KW
Module Capacity 15KW
Input Voltage 415 V
Input Harmonic Current <3%
Power factor >0.99
Working Frequency 50/60HZ
Output Voltage 40V – 100V Variable
Current Regulation Accuracy <1%
Voltage Regulation Accuracy <0.5%
Current Share Precision <3%
Overall Efficiency 0.95
BMS Auxiliary Power Supply 24V/20A or 12V/20A
Communication Interface CAN
Charging Mode Automatic Charging or Manual Charging Optional
Charging Object Batteries of electric vehicle machines such as electric cars, taxis, engineering vehicles and coaches
Charging Pile Monitor Function Each charging pile has controller itself, provide users with charging mode selection and operation guidance, to achieve unattended operation
Protection Degree IP55 (Outdoor)
Acoustic Noise ≤50dB
Operating temperature -20℃-60℃
Operating Humidity ≤95% non-condensing
Altitude Range ≤2000 meter; de rating above 2000 meter.
Dimension (W*D*H) mm 850*245*450